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Package pprof serves via its HTTP server runtime profiling data in the format expected by the pprof visualization tool. For more information about pprof, see http://code.google.com/p/google-perftools/.

The package is typically only imported for the side effect of registering its HTTP handlers. The handled paths all begin with /debug/pprof/.

To use pprof, link this package into your program:

import _ "net/http/pprof"

If your application is not already running an http server, you need to start one. Add “net/http” and “log” to your imports and the following code to your main function:

go func() {
    log.Println(http.ListenAndServe("localhost:6060", nil))

Then use the pprof tool to look at the heap profile:

go tool pprof http://localhost:6060/debug/pprof/heap

Or to look at a 30-second CPU profile:

go tool pprof http://localhost:6060/debug/pprof/profile

Or to look at the goroutine blocking profile:

go tool pprof http://localhost:6060/debug/pprof/block

To view all available profiles, open http://localhost:6060/debug/pprof/ in your browser.

For a study of the facility in action, visit


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